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About Belle

Belinda Baynes is an Australian Artist, Designer & Creative based in Sydney. She specialises in Equestrian Art and Fashion Design & Illustration.

Art, Design &

Even as a very little girl, there were three things that I loved: Art, fashion and horses. To this day, not much has changed. On completing a Bachelor of Design (Fashion & Textile design) with honours, I worked as a designer for a few amazing Australian manufacturers. I quickly worked out that constant travel overseas for work and new mum- life were not going to be a good fit. Hence Belinda Baynes Art & Design was born and a niche baby and childrenswear range, "SaddleBabies; clothing for the budding equestrian" was created. My online gift store, Pony and Belle was set up in the last few years to support the sale of my personal art and design work as gifts. Three beautiful children later, the most amazing creative work for me is including the kids and their friends in creative projects. These days it's not just me entering the art shows, but all of us. 


What I really love in my own time is to create art without restrictions and constantly explore different techniques and ideas for my personal projects and enter competitions and exhibit. I love the motivation of seeing people enjoy, understand, and purchase my artworks which are an artistic expression of my sense of self. The love for all things; fashion, colour, the strength and beauty of the horse and the incredible beauty, strength, drive and multidimensional nature of amazing women. This can be seen throughout much of my work. For those that know my work more intimately will also know of the symbolic role that horses play in them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I love creating them.

Creative Projects

Art, Design & Illustration


My creative artworks are available for purchase through my online store, PonyandBelle

Some are still available as original artworks and nearly all as signed prints. Beautiful gift options are also available with my baby and childrenswear clothing label, SaddleBabies.

Some of the other gift product available for purchase include cushions, womens clothing and greeting cards, for example. Equestrian gifts and art prints make an easy gift for any horse lover.


I'd love to chat to you about any creative project I may be able to team up with you on. Some of my art and design services I provide include; Fashion illustration, Bridal Illustration and Custom Wedding Illustration. Design services include; Custom Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Textile Design and Wedding Concept Design. Art services include; Commission Artworks, Custom Wedding or Event Stationery, Custom Art Textiles or Homewares and Horse and Equine Art.


Custom Fashion Design

Graphic Design

Textile Design

Wedding Concept Design


Commission Artworks

Custom Wedding or Event stationery

Custom Art Textiles or Homewares, Horse & Equine Art


Fashion Illustration

Bridal Illustration

Custom Wedding Illustration

Gifts & Homewares

Creative Art Gifts

Cushions, Clothing, Baby Gifts

Horse Gifts, Stationery, Greeting Cards, Art Prints, Canvas Prints

Receive News & Notifications of new artworks available for purchase


Kenthurst, Sydney, NSW, 2158

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